How To Do Persian Style Chicken Koobideh

Koobideh is a Persian dish made of ground meat. It is one of the most popular dishes in Iran. Koobideh consists of ground lamb, beef, veal, mutton, or chicken, which is mixed with chopped onions, salt, and pepper. The mixture is then pressed around a skewer, grilled over hot coals, and sometimes served with rice.

1. Introduction: What is Chicken Koobideh?

Koobideh is a ground meat dish, extracted from the meat of various versions of animals such as goat, lamb, poultry.

Its origin is unknown as the preparation of this dish might be distint from region to region. The many versions of kuobideh is also due to the different fruits available.

In order to make a kobideh, you need to begin with a certain type of meat.

While most versions are prepared with lamb meat, the classic kobideh is prepared using beef, chicken or veal.

The variant of kobideh made from chicken has been created to respond to the increasing demand kobideh in the present time with chicken becoming the most affordable animal meat.

Now, if you are thinking of making the persian chicken koobideh recipe, how to make it? here are some useful sources for learning how to make kuobideh from scratch.

2. Ingredients for Chicken Koobideh

Necessary ingredients for 3 people
Chicken breast and thigh mixture 500 grams
Onion 100 grams
Danbeh or butter 70 grams
Green and red bell pepper ½ pepper each
Infused saffron, 1 thick tablespoon
Salt 2 teaspoons
1 teaspoon each of black pepper and paprika

You have probably heard of herb kabob before because so many food bloggers talk about it. It gives a great flavor, but making it is not that easy.

Chicken is the perfect time to test this recipe.

Mix all the spices in a bowl.

Add all the ingredients into the bowl.

Mix all the ingredients until they are combined well.

3. How to Make Persian Style Chicken Koobideh

Koobideh is one of the popular dishes in Iran. It made with ground meat mainly. It is usually cooked on skewers over a fire made inside a square dish, so called, the koobide itself.

To make this dish, ground meat is mixed with onions and their juices, salt and pepper, then shape it around the skewers and grill it over fire or olive oil in a pan.

Koobideh is one of the popular rice dishes in Iran. With rice, a layered dish like so becomes a huge and delicious meal.

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